11 June 2021

Karen’s packed and ready to go! – Book or Kindle?

Karen is off to sunny Wales for the next week so I will be covering Karens Power Pilates tomorrow (Saturday 12th). I am not at ALL JEALOUS that she gets a heatwave, whilst I missed the nice weather by a week for my trip to Norfolk!!

She has her books packed so looks like she’s going to have a lovely relaxing time.  Me personally I prefer a Kindle as I read in bed and I can make the text bigger!!

We both love books, we are in Book Club together and Karen is also in another Book Club so we would love to hear any good recommendations that you can tell us about.

I am currently reading Hamnet (Maggie O’Farrell) which is pretty good and my latest BC recommendation is American Dirt  (Jeanine Cummins) – fabulous.

Have a great week guys, I hope you will continue to join in the Lives this week and there will be 4 more 20 minute On Demand workouts in the Summer Term Challenge.


There will not be a Live Tuesday Big Ball class but I will loading on to On Demand one she has pre-recorded for you – its a toughie!!

I will also be Live with a 30 minute Blast class on Wednesday and all the other Lives will go ahead as listed.

Also please let us know this week if you plan on attending our Face to Face classes at The Forge starting on Monday 21st June.

Enjoy the sunshine

Love Lisa xx


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